About Us


We help you find the sources of growth of your organization by working together to break down market and organizational barriers. We seek ways to advance your business, and generate ideas together with your staff.


We help your organization to remove barriers for growth in business and operating environment by analyzing, clarifying operating models and involving personnel in development.


We focus on sales and leadership consulting, coaching and innovative workshops. Our strong experience in the demanding pharmaceutical and MedTech industries benefits many types of organizations. Read more about our services.

Operating Environment



We are an independent company that provides a wide range of consulting services. We believe in the power of the network, so we can provide the best experts depending on the customer's needs. Our network includes the best experts and leading companies in their fields as partners.

“Don’t let the growth to fadeaway. The passion of Value Coaching is to help organizations find

sources of growth and remove the barriers for growth. Internal or external. Business or mental.“


Find Sources of Growth